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Broken Screen Repairs

At Wireless Junkies, we can take care of your necessary device repairs. Our services are not limited to only phone repairs, we can also tackle laptops and tablets! We provide a wide variety of different repairs so that we can help people across the nation. Whether you need a replacement on your screen or you need an internal repair, our team of technology experts are the one to get the job done!

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Our Main Services

There are many repair services that we provide and are not limited to the list. If you have a more specific repair, our team will work with you to determine if we have the solution. Contact our team to learn more about what specific repairs we can provide you with!

  • Broken screens (over 90% of our repairs fall into this category!)

  • Battery replacement

  • Water damage

  • Charging ports, headphone jack issues

  • Software Issues, Data Retrieval

We can repair a wide variety of wireless devices, including

  • Most brands/makes of cell phones

  • Tablets

  • Laptop Screens

  • Gaming Devices

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          • Create the perfect device to fit your specific needs through our variety of different accessories! Whether you need reliable charging cables or you need screen protectors, you can find it all with us. We understand how important technology is and we only provide high-quality products so that you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the quality you need.

          • Vinyl Skin Wraps

          • Phone and tablet cases

          • Chargers

          • Screen protectors

          • Tempered Glass

          • Popsockets

          • Earbuds

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                      Mail-In Repairs

                      For your convenience, we accept mail-in orders as well. The process is very simple:

                      1. Using the button below, download the cell phone / device repair mail-in form.
                      2. Fill out the form completely.
                      3. Pack your cell phone / device securely (using bubble wrap, newspaper or something else for padding), including the mail-in form in the packing box.
                      4. Mail the package from UPS, FedEx, the Post Office and be sure to get tracking and shipping insurance for your delivery.
                      5. Send your broken cell phone / device to: 4409 Southern Business Park Dr, White Plains, MD 20695
                      6. That’s it! Sit back and wait for your repaired phone / device to return in the mail.

                      Please mail your phone / device to the following address:

                      4409 Southern Business Park Dr, White Plains, MD 20695. We can usually repair your phone / device the same day it is received, in most cases. There is a $25 diagnostic fee, if device is repairable and the customer decides to go ahead with repair, the $25 will apply towards the repair cost. Once your phone arrives in the mail, we will diagnose the problem and then call you to get your app for the repair before proceeding. For mail-in repairs, we accept credit card or Paypal. Customer is responsible for all return shipping cost incurred.

                      Mail-In Form