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Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider

Welcome to Wireless Junkies! At Wireless Junkies, we are a woman-owned repair company for many different devices. Whether you need an iPhone repair or you need help with data recovery and software issues, we are your one-stop-shop. With us, you can get all of the repairs you need for your many different devices. We understand how important your devices are in the technology driven world and we work hard to provide you with quick and efficient solutions.

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Wireless device Repairs

At Wireless Junkies in White Plains, we provide a wide range of different repair services. Whether you need a screen replacement, a battery repair, or help with data recovery, our team of technology junkies are the ones to get it done! With us, you can just bring in your device and then we work quickly to get the problem fixed and get your device back to as quickly as possible. If you have a specific repair and are unsure whether we can do the trick, contact our team and we will work closely with you to see if we can!

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PHONE Accessories

On top of providing efficient repairs, at Wireless Junkies you can find many of the device accessories that you need! Accessories are important in order to protect your devices from breakage. Whether you are looking for screen protectors or charging cables, you can find it all with us! We understand how essential these accessories are and we only carry high-quality products so you can rest assured knowing that you are only getting the best!

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We are a certified Apple Independent Repair Provider.



Screen repairs, battery replacements and more.



Charging ports & headphone jack repairs.


Gaming Devices

We repair a wide variety of gaming devices.

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Whether you are looking for help with your devices or you need some accessories, Wireless Junkies is the place for you! With us, you can get the help you need to recover your necessary technology and find the products to help protect your devices. Contact us to learn more about our repairs and shop with us online today!

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