Phone Repair Services

Wireless Junkies is your one-stop shop for phone repair! Whether you're looking for screen repair or need help with data recovery, we're here to get the job done right. We work with a wide range of different phones, and we'll find an efficient solution for your issue. Contact us today or stop by our store in White Plains!

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Broken Screens

Broken phone screens are one of the most common phone issues we see. In fact, around nine out of ten people who stop into Wireless Junkies have a broken screen! Don't let a shattered screen ruin your phone's functionality — visit us for phone screen repair.

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Battery Replacement

Is your phone losing its charge more quickly? It may be time for a phone battery replacement. Our team can quickly and effectively replace your phone's battery, restoring it to its optimal function.

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          Data retrieval

          • Data retrieval is super important to us. When phones suffer water damage or severely damaged screens, it can be a real pain to retrieve your contacts, pictures, texts, notes, etc. While it is not always a guarantee, the data can sometimes be retrieved and that is where we come in!

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                    Charging Ports & Headphone Jacks

                    Charging ports and headphone jacks can easily become damaged due to everyday wear and tear. If you're unable to charge your phone or listen to music, come see us for charging port or headphone jack repair.

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                    Software Issues

                    • In addition to hardware repair, we also offer software troubleshooting and repair services. If your phone is experiencing glitches or slow performance, our team can diagnose the issue and provide a solution. We also provide data recovery services.

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                              OUR MAIL-IN REPAIRS

                              Don’t have time to make it into our store? Take advantage of our mail-in repairs service! We utilize a simple six-step process, and all you have to do is complete the mail-in form to start and follow the steps outlined. For your convenience, we repair your phone as fast as possible, and we are eager to help you with your service! Please read more on our website, or contact our customer service team to ensure you understand how our mail-in repairs work.

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                              We're proud to be a woman-owned phone repair shop, and we're confident that we can troubleshoot the issues that you're facing. Don't let phone issues hold you back — visit Wireless Junkies in White Plains for phone repair today!

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