Laptop Repair Services

At Wireless Junkies, we specialize in fixing broken screens and other common issues that affect our customers' laptops. Whether you need a battery replacement, your phone has water damage, or you're having trouble with your charging ports or headphone jack, our team of expert technicians has the skills and experience to get your device back up and running in no time. If your laptop is feeling sluggish or acting up for seemingly no reason, give us a call today and let our team help restore it to its former glory!

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Broken Screens

Over 90% of our laptop repairs fall in this category! If you've cracked your laptop screen, or if it's simply stopped working for no apparent reason, don't worry — our expert technicians can help. We'll take a look at your device and quickly diagnose the problem to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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Battery Replacement

Your laptop's battery is one of its most important components. If your device isn't holding a charge like it used to, or if you're noticing that it's getting hot more often than usual, our team can replace your battery and help restore its optimal performance.

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          Water Damage

          • If your laptop has been exposed to water or moisture, don't panic! Our technicians can retrieve the data from your laptop that suffered from water damage but it is not always guaranteed that we can save the device. It is best to bring it to our technicians at Wireless Junkies so they can get a first hand look at it for themselves!

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                    Charging Ports, Headphone Jack Issues

                    If you're having trouble charging your laptop, or if the headphone jack seems to be malfunctioning, our team is here to help. We can perform a comprehensive diagnostic on your laptop and fix any problems with your charging ports or headphone jack, so you can get back to enjoying all the features of your device in no time.

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                    Software Issues, Data Retrieval

                    • Whether you're experiencing glitches with your laptop's software, or if you've accidentally deleted important files and need them recovered, our team is here to help. Contact us today in Charles County, St. Mary's County, Waldorf, White Plains, La Plata, Prince Frederick, Maryland, DC, Virginia and the DMV, and let us help you get back on track!

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